Starting recruitment business

Recruiting agency, also known as a recruitment business, staffing or temporary agency, is responsible for attracting, interviewing and selecting candidates for job placement, either temporary, permanent or both. Recruitment business may also choose to go for only on a specific industry field, such as executive recruitment. To have a successful start of a recruiting agency it is important to make a solid business plan, have a background in recruitment strategies, and have a good knowledge of laws about licensing, hiring and taxes, and of course make appropriate marketing plan for gaining clients.

First step when opening a recruitment business is defining the recruitment services that will be provide. That means deciding if services will focus only on a specific field of industry such as IT professionals or lawyers or focus on multiple ones. After that there is deciding if candidates will be put on a temporary or part-time contract, be directly hired for full-time employment or both. Both of this depend one on each other so decisions should be made by considering which options work together well. Next step should include identifying a recruitment niche within chosen industry and making a list of all of the niches to compare experience and contacts in each. Final step is selecting a location for recruitment agency. It can either be home office or an office setting.

After an agency is started, the process of developing is on. Hands-on experience or education is great for that. Purchasing training materials, visiting recruiting webinars or watch training videos is another great way to improve yourself and agency. Knowing related laws such as employment law and how to solve problems that can come up is significant for developing. In case it is needed, new recruitment agencies can choose to apply for a small business grant or loan to cover up start-up costs or improvement costs. It is also valuable to know how much monthly will go for recruitment staff and their pay, employee benefits, insurance, marketing and any other expenses that can occur.
Marketing an agency is important for both, it and its clients. For starters, it is good to partner with an existing agency or ask around if any local businesses would change their recruitment system. Marketing plan is also important and it should include a list of potential clients and deciding on the marketing approach. That can be either contacting prospective clients by mailing letters or sending e-mails, even directly calling them. Advertisements can be posted in newspapers, business magazines, online job portals and sites, depending on the chosen industry. Every recruitment business should have a logo for office documents, a company newsletter to send to clients and those prospective ones and company business cards. Also, there should be a “.com” website domain for agency. If possible, it could be designed by a professional or by yourself if you have enough skills. Business should also be named and a limited liability company (LLC) created. That is usually done by filling out the paperwork and paying certain amount of money as a fee.


An article by Dougles Chan, Digital Marketing Singapore Guru. He writes articles on recruitment agency, recruitment business, digital marketing and advanced SEO tips. His office is 1 Rochor Canal Rd, Sim Lim Square, Singapore 188504,  Sim Lim Square, commonly referred to as SLS, is a large retail complex that offers a wide variety of electronic goods and services ranging from DVDs, cameras, phones, video cameras, computer parts SEO Services Singapore and laptop repair servicing.


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